Acraze an amazement of insanity. 

They say the best people of the world have a little spark of insanity mixed with their genius, a craze that moves them to be different. These artists exemplify that and much more. 


“ We’re the shit, but you aren’t a true artist unless you’re empowering your fans” -Charlie and Dakota are on the rise, their musical momentum has been noticed. 


On the take off, this duo has managed to collaborate with some of EDM’s current titans and has been featured at Sunset Music Festival and Trap Fest.


“It’s all about the set for us, when your live in front of the crowd, that’s when it counts”- Dakota 


    To them, it’s important to capture that present moment with the audience because they have that real time taste of the anthems they look forward to hearing. Goosebumps for the first time, hype style energy after playing the tracks on repeat, whatever the case, Acraze is sure to deliver. 


“ Be free, be yourself, goofball or not we are throwing down to hype them up. Hard songs for hard times, future bass for the future feels. It’s not about fame and fortune, it’s about connecting. You’re not a true artist if you’re not touching your audience. We’ll never forget that.”- Charlie 


    A bit of history on Acraze, Charlie had dabbled in to music, particularly the piano around sophomore year of high school while Dakota was experimenting in rapping and hip hop. 

Each one had a burning passion,  an artistic fire within but couldn’t figure out how to channel it. It was frustrating with the social pressures and drama of a bad relationship for Dakota. For Charlie, he had to become a man at a young age, at 16 he was a father. Yet the two came to the same revelation that there was more to live than to follow the script. These challenges didn’t cripple then, but rather inspired them. 

    The two ventured out to Tampa, after a wild night they didn’t want to go home. “Let’s escape this mess”.

    Charlie played around on a computer at a party and was captivated by the ability to shift the mood of the crowd, a domino effect of inspiration occurred as he shared his excitement with Dakota. Dakota was never in to the EDM scene but appreciated the liberty that mixing provided. He sold his PS4 and borrowed money from family to get the equipment. Together on a vendetta to rise above their past, banded in a brotherly fashion to create music day in and day out. This would be their triumph over their negative energies.


“Take time to change a life, remain humble on the way to the top”- Acraze


Taking their dark inspiration to the stage lights is no easy task. Acraze approaches life in a “give back, be cool no matter what” mentality. This attitude, combined with their production of multilayered and multidimensional music, is what truly makes the duo a influence on the tunes to come. Keep a look out for Acraze as they ascend to their rightful spot at the top of the charts.


“There is no great genius is without a touch of madness- Aristotle ( Huge fan of Acraze)

Soundcloud: Acraze

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