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SCRVP & Secret Sauce – “Give It All” Ft. Kyle Woodcock

The best songs these days are the ones that take you away. I was lifted into a vision state as I heard “Give It All (Feat. Kyle Woodcock)” by SCRVP & Secret Sauce.

Driving fast on uneven pavement, high speed chase, we pursue the sunset ahead of us. The power of this tune felt like a daydream, like a musical splash of dimethyltryptamine. Intense yet very enjoyable. Birds chirp behind the island reverie beat, illustrating SCRVP & Secret Sauce’s creativity.

As the melody of this song evoked a hidden memory, I hear “Bottles and bottles, I ain’t getting wasted..” as I transport to a lovely moment on the west coast beach. Two bottles of pinot to toast the sunset, with breaths of salty air, our two hearts were tangled in the sand.

Dancing in the shallow water but our lawless love ran deep.. “the way that you move keeps me fascinated..” As the song builds up in tempo, my heart races just as it did then. Like a Nikon D500 shutter effect, the past moments flash like fireworks. “You give it all to me.. it all… it all…” This track is an ode to loving and being loved as deeply as the bass runs.

My head begins to nod to the second drop of reggae rhythm, a side effect of a wide smile and chills across my skin. It is no surprise that this song is such a hit, with so many musical elements it’s hard not to be impressed. In under 10 days, Soundcloud plays have rose to over 121k. This track definitely needs to be added to your summer playlist, a perfect farewell to warmer weather and hearts.

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