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My cheeks hurt, thanks EDC Orlando.

A smile spread across my face as I passed through the gates of a very familiar place; Tinker Field. This is a stadium I have graced many times while living in my old home, Orlando. The most special of all events held in my memory of this stadium was Insomniac's Electric Daisy Carnival.

Insomniac truly excels when it comes to the imaginative design of their world renowned festival nicknamed EDC. I could feel the euphoria spreading throughout my entire body as I caught a glimpse of the performers and entertainers dressed as carnival rave crusaders. There aren't enough hours in the day available to get your fill of this festival, this is thanks to a surplus of rides and activities that await onlookers as they enter the grounds. EDC weekend is filled with everything you could dream of; rides, games, remarkable DJ performances, photo ops, foods, and beverages. Every need is met and desires are fulfilled, this all is available for you and your rave family. The layout of the festival interwinds perfectly together while still maintaining a wonderland- carnival theme. The festival has one policy “All are welcome”, inviting new faces and seasoned ravers to delight in the spectacle. Early afternoon to midnight of nonstop action and incredible entertainment will surely persuade any attendee to come back year after year.

Just when you think it can't get any better, the Sun sets. As night falls, EDC transforms into a meadow of electric dreams. Seeing it again was just as enchanting as the times before and I could feel my jaw drop from delight and awe at all the lights surrounding me. The beauty of the grounds at nightfall lifts your spirits and mood to new levels, seemingly unachievable. Exploring now is perceived as a completely new location from which you were playing in before. Another huge highlight of the event is the choice in DJs performing. Their lineup never disappoints, offering a large variety of talent, surely to satisfy all those prepared to party. Three stages and a mini performance area will keep you constantly entertained and inspiring frolicking-joyful behavior around the stadium. If you have yet to experience the beauty and brainchild produced by Insomniac, I encourage you to experience at least once in your raving years. I'm thrilled to see how EDC Vegas will be in comparison to this wonderful event that always leaves me wanting more.

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