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Plur: The endangered species

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. These empowering words became the four pillars of the EDM community after years of growth, following its birth in Europe during the late 1980's. This distinctive genre of music wasn't widely accepted when it first started to arise in cities peppered throughout Europe and the United States.

This could also be said of the individuals who primarily connected with the exotic and enchanting melodies that were being produced by djs, who appeared to be going rogue in the music industry. The early individuals contributed to the growth of edm by supporting and loving it, were stereotypically different from individuals who conformed to societal norms. This group utilized the new style of music as a safe haven for a community seen as outcasts. Electronic dance music slowly built a following of individuals who were as unique as the new genre being created. EDM was soon more than just music. It was the foundation of a community of like individuals, all of which very different, however, grounded by a similar mindset. This shared mentality was one of acceptance.

This beautiful mentality formulated by the ancestors of today's ravers is slowly fading like a dwarf star burning out in the night sky. To my great despair, recent festivals and events are being overcome with attitudes riddled with judgement and inconsideration for fellow attendees. I implore the ravers of today's generation to remember the ideas that brought us together initially, to revive these outlooks, to care for each other without discrimination. For without these ideas, the spread of edm like a wildfire would have been extinguished.

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