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4B and Acraze show delivers....

There was something special about the night before it even started. That sort of feeling you tell your friends about, “ This is going to be a good night” kind of vibe.

Beyond the pre-game and through the doors of The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, were hundreds of ecstatic fans ready to indulge in the hype style- Jersey Club sound waves. The lineup came together naturally, each performance boosting the next, and the crowd was loving it.

Hearing familiar anthems and remixes from 4B, “Would you ever” - Creating a impressively in-sync chant that almost seemed premeditated and of course, the expected ground shaking headbangers like “Move Mint”-Herobust (4B remix). Seeing the crowd light up with their energy complimented the already remarkable visuals. Everything about this show seemed to flow effortlessly and with ease. As fans, we surely appreciate when all of the pieces come together for a spectacle like this.

A bit of a fairytale beginning, Charlie (Acraze) was standing in the crowd collecting priceless inspiration while attending a 4B show just a year prior. Turning up in the crowd, feeling the vibe and the natural charisma Bobby (4B) has on stage.

Charlie had a taste of the future to come. Now Acraze took the stage with a mission to raise heart beats and elevate spirits. Charlie seemed completely in his natural element, impacting the room and making his presence known with tracks such as - “Pull Up” and the infamous catapult remix- “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites- Skrillex [ACRAZE JERSEY FLIP]”.

At one point, the crowd illuminated with phone lights and lighters, a gesture of appreciation from us in the crowd, to Acraze on stage.

The two DJs appear to have a great respect for each other, 4B called Charlie back on stage to enjoy a celebratory Henny pour, followed by Bob’s order to get back in the crowd and turn the “F#@$ up” with us fans. All in all, the show was fantastic.

Needless to say, be ready to see a whole lot more of Acraze and 4B in 2018. We are very likely to be spoiled fans with some incredible sounds.

4B- Sound Cloud

Acraze Soundcloud-

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