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Healthy raving?

As ravers, we know the stigmas that are attached to our lifestyle and our choice of activities for fun. Festival goers, often seen as wild party animals whom enjoy dabbling in a little fun with illegal substances, are sometimes very much this image or can also be far from it. I know many people on the outside of the festival grounds looking in don't quite understand what it's all about and may be quick to judge. And who can blame them when the media highlights the sex, drugs, and alcohol opposed to the music. Partying like that is hard on your liver, they say, however, I have a different outlook on the scene.

I personally do not have the luxury of attending tons of EDM events, so when I do it is a big deal for me. I, like many others, want to look top notch when I'm scantily clad in my rave gear. Thus, the weeks and sometimes months prior to event, you can find many ravers hitting the gym and eating perfect diets in preparation. Not to mention when the long awaited moment has arrived, the event itself is a cardio session lasting hours on end, composed of all the dancing and shuffling being done in the crowd. So yes, some of the activities ravers choose to participate in may not be the healthiest of choices, but the days preceding are extremely reflective of good health happens for many. So is raving ultimately bad for your body or good? You be the judge.

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