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Odesza Orlando 2018

'A Moment Apart Tour' is scheduled for May 2018 in Orlando. A sigh of relief comes over Florida fans, it's been a long overdue blessing. Known for their performances being nothing short of incredible, Odesza will take the stage to dazzle a new audience in the Sunshine State.

Expect to see a spectacle in symphonic fashion, Odesza produces a a sense of fantasy in their production. Live drum line and real time instruments that will surely place the crowd in a heavenly state. Additionally, the visual show at Electric Forest had all the spectators in complete blissful awe.

Odesza have been nominated twice for the 60th Grammy Awards. ‘A Moment Apart’ is nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, and “Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)” is nominated for Best Dance Recording.

Early bird tickets are already sold out... better ask Santa real quick to make some magic happen.

Ticket Access Here:

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