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Spirit Animal

Ever heard someone talk about their spirit animal and wonder what that’s all about?

Well so did we.

As it turns out, it’s a widely popularized “self discovery” exercise for people of all ages. The purpose of it (according to spiritual experts) is to enhance your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. The way it works is the animals you most often come across are usually your “totems” or “omens” that represent a series of deeper meanings.

Spirit animals can be the source of power, of course, it’s all up to you in how much faith you give to it.

For instance, when you’re friends may say something like:

“ Yeah…my third eye is like- really strong. Like, I can’t see the future, but I can predict who’s calling me before I even look.”

All jokes aside, a person might gain more confidence in looking out in to the world. This new found awareness might help them spot out shady situations or even listen to their intuition more. Others may find that when they see a spider, there is no need to be scared because there is a hidden meaning behind it. Creative thoughts may spark and inspire someone to embark in the arts instead of running away in terror.

By keeping an open mind to spirit animals, you end up keeping an open mind to new possibilities and hidden strengths. This is why finding your omens have been more popular than ever. Life is what you make of it, tap in to your intuition and be one with this world!

Each animal carries certain traits, characteristics and attributes that we as humans can implement in to our lives to make us better. Much like reading Greek mythology, we can give meaning and receive strength from the world around us through story form. It’s not so odd after all, considering that the majority of the world is very fascinated with Astrology signs too. Your birth month traditionally carries a series of implied traits as well. (Secret: they can be as real or as false as you’d like them to be.)

Click here to take a short quiz to discover your Spirit Animal!

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