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DJs doing good

Our favorite DJs seem to be the heroes of our hearts on more than one occasion. Most attribute this to the time they put in the studio or during the moments they captivate our auditory fascination. However, a couple of our favorite producers have taken on new endeavors to help better the world.

Enter Kaskade, a long time EDM legend known for his altruistic nature. Kaskade has been contributing to the community and beyond for quite some time now, and most recently, has put forth great initiatives towards Project Favela.

On a trip to Brazil with his family, Kaskade became aware of this movement to help the youth of a poor area rise above their economic and education conditions. Impending cartel wars and economical threats are encroaching upon the young kids in that area. The scope of the organization is remarkably diverse, giving the kids plenty of options in regards to their interests.

The premise is to liberate the youth by offering course fields such as Civics, Music, Drama, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) in hopes to educate and benefit the lives of more than 60 children who walk through their doors almost everyday. Kickstarter: Kaskade X Project Favela

Next on our list is none other than Flume. The deluxe and dazzling talent from Australia. Flume has been experimenting in EDM with great success due to unique sound combinations, and now, he has taken the stage alongside Green Peace.

This organization campaigns to help protect the Earth in several different ways. Green Peace creates initiatives that protect the rainforests, reduce global warming, or by saving the arctic regions.

Their main objective is to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

Flume alongside Green Peace aim to use peaceful protest to communicate the importance of sustaining a healthy world. It's our responsibility to take care of our planet.

Thank you to Kaskade and Flume for making a positive impact on the world!

Support the causes:

Project Favela: Kaskade

Green Peace: Flume

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