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5 Tropcial EDM Tracks Perfect for a Day in the Sun

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

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One thing that make EDM so fantastic, is that it can be played in any contex. There's EDM for studying, driving fast, and Partying all night. A personal favorite place to enjoy this all encompassing genre is when I find myself enjoying a beach day. With multiple sub-genres, most notably Tropical House, perfect for wasting away in the sun, its a fantastic tropical kind of music. Here are five of my favorite tropical electronic tracks.

"ID (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)" – KYGO

Kygo enjoying Golden Hour on his Boat: Photo From Facebook

It’s written in the Laws of Electronic Music, that if you mention the beach while speaking about EDM, Kygo must be in that conversation.. Though there are countless tracks by this pioneer of Tropical House, ID stands out for its relaxing atmospheric feeling and classic tropical house lead. It's a track almost hand crafted to capture the feeling of peacefully lying in the sand, with the warm sun tanning your skin and yachts cruising by on the beautiful blue ocean. It is a must for any beach goer.

"Particula" – Major Lazer

Iconic Major Lazer Trio: Diplo, Walshy Fire, & Ape Drums

What screams beach more than Caribbean Dance Hall? The beloved genre of dance music blasted on boats throughout the Gulf of Mexico, mixed with crystal blue waters, goes down smoother than Riccardo Coconut Rum. But what happens when you mix classic electronic music elements with Caribbean dancehall? You get the smooth tropical dance track “Particula” by famous electronic trio Major Lazer. Using a prominent smooth piano with some beautifully strummed Spanish guitar, all wrapped up in with the vocals of DJ Maphorisa, Nasty C, and Ice Prince, the spirit of the Caribbean resonates through this track. A perfect middle between two huge genres makes it perfect for a day out on a boat with a few increasingly empty bottles of rum.

Into the Sunset - "Mako"

Tropical House Icon Mako

So It might just be me, but when the sun goes down and evening time is full effect, a gorgeous guitar lead hits just a little differently. The lead I’m talking about can be heard predominately throughout Mako’s beautifully atmospheric track “Into the Sunset”. With heartwarming vocals describing a couple in love, driving into a sunset, it creates a very euphoric and uplifting feeling in its listeners. This track sets the tone for the end of a fulfilled beach day and a beautiful sunset.

"Breathe Happy, Be Happy" - Tep No

Upcoming Legend Tep No

Made by very upcoming Tropical House Artist, Tep No, “Breathe, Be Happy” has a very calming nature. As with many of his tracks, Tep No uses a very calming electric guitar in the background with an ambient lead. This is another track made for a lazy day of lying in the sun. It resonates a soothing energy wherever you are, the beach is just adds to its truly serene vibe.

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