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Artist Interview: Bernzikial

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

By: Camilla Castro

Bernzikial going nuts at The RItz in Tampa -Photo from Facebook

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing an 'Orlando Everything' mini-series where I highlight the best that Orlando offers from local artists to the venues themselves. If there is anyone or anything I should highlight, please send me a DM on Instagram. I'd love to hear what all of you would like to learn more about in our lovely city and what it has to offer.

To kick this week off, I will highlight one of my personal friends, Bernzikial. He is an Orlando-based producer well versed in several genres within the EDM world. Having produced music for about four years, he has landed a permanent residence at the Ritz Ybor in Tampa. His most famous tracks including, "The Beginning," meld beautiful vocals and bass heavy synths to bring you a melodically intense listening experience. This past week I had the opportunity to chat with him to help you get to know him a little better and tease at some upcoming music. Check out our interview below!

Camila: Hey Bernzikial, let's start off simple, how do you pronounce your artistic name, and how did you come about this name?

Bernzikial: It's Bernzikial, like burns and then zee-key-al. Part of the name came from when I was in high school as a friendly nickname. However, the 'Bernz' part came from watching a YouTuber one time.

Camila: Perfect, I have to ask because there have definitely been times where I swear I am saying the name correctly, and then it turns out I've been wrong for weeks. Ha ha. To my understanding, you had a different name before?

Bernzikial: Yes, actually it was just 'Bernz', I just finished it.

Camila: That's great! You brought your own name to the next level. I love it! So, tell me what's new, what are you working on, what's poppin'?

Bernzikial: Mhhhh what month is it? Well, in September I have my first official remix for a 'Skellism' song coming out on September 21st on Spotify.

Camila: Do we have the name of the song? … or are you working on so many projects it's hard to manage?

Bernzikial: Mhhh, yeah, literally I'm making like two or three projects a week.

Camila: I understand that you have now transitioned to making music full time; how has that transition been?

Bernzikial: A LOT easier since I have more time and accessories. I don't have to force myself to work overnight unless I am on a roll. My routine is I wake up, get coffee, and start making music.

Camila: What is a short-term goal, other than releasing new music?

Bernzikial: My short-term goal is to play at more festivals and out-of-state shows. I haven't played any festivals or shows out of state. The closest I got was two weeks ago I went to Cali, and Riot Ten brought me on stage, but that's the closest I got. After experiencing that, I was really inspired to play out of state.

Camila: That's awesome. Yes, I look forward to seeing your set at EDC Orlando! As far as collaborations go, who's been your favorite person to work with.

Bernzikial: Riot Ten. Hands down. I think he was one of the first three people I watched. I used to go to his shows all the time. He knew me as a fan for a long time, but when I started making music, he was interested and it's all kind of full circle now.

Camila: Yeah, I feel that that's how the best things come: naturally. When it's forced, sometimes, you can't vibe and collaborate on a project together.

Bernzikial: Exactly, if it doesn't fit. It doesn't fit.

Camila: Tell me a little bit about your residence at the Ritz.

Bernzikial: It's nice I have been doing it for two years, as a coresident. I just got my head residence about two or three months ago. It's a fun job, every Friday I look forward to it. One of the challenges is adjusting to every artist style that's touring there. Not always can I play my own music and style. Overall, it has helped me be more open and experiment with different styles.

Camila: So, what would you say is your preferred style?

Bernzikial: I like a little bit of everything, but anything fast-paced dub-step, bass house, and future bass are my go-to.

Camila: Do you have a few favorite artists that you like to listen to?

Bernzikial: I would say Flume and Billie Eilish.

Camila: Flume is one of my favorites too. I've seen him like 53 times (not really), but I have seen him a few times, and it's like 'tears in my eyes – ohh sooo good" every time.

Bernzikial: I was trying to do his red rocks tour, but COVID so.

Camila: Ah yes, COVID messing up literally everything, but how do you feel it has impacted you?

Bernzikial: Honestly, I think it helped a lot. I was stuck at home, so I was finally like, let me learn how to make less aggressive music, so more melodic. That's how my how re-brand from Bernz to Bernzikial happened. I have maybe twelve melodic tracks I'm currently working on. Just waiting for the right time… the tracks have been inspired by flume's style; I've been listening to his music every day for a full year, and it kind of just happened.

Camila: What's your favorite flume album?

Bernzikial: "Skin."

Camila: Me too, even though I will say that I LOVE how in "Hi, this is Flume" the songs beautifully transition one into another.

Bernzikial: So that's what I did with all my melodic tacks. The first five tracks if you play them in order when they are out, they will have that flow. So, I am making a mixtape, not an EP, but kind of what he did.

Camila: I'm looking forward to hearing this!! I will conclude with: what do you want your fans to know about you or in the future?

Bernzikial: This is kind of hard because I want to say more, but I can't say a lot. Once I start touring and doing shows out of state with certain people, my plan is to have an audiovisual experience, where you are immersed, like in a movie. So, all my tracks, both melodic and heavy, will create a story, my story, a component being my struggles with mental illness. The music is there; I have to figure out the visual part, so that's what I'm working toward.

Camila: I can't wait to see what this audiovisual experience will hold. Thank you so much for your time!

For more from Bernzikial, you can check out his music on Spotify.

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