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Artist Spotlight: Prime

By Dexter Ray Ellis Jr.

Local Artist, Prime, Performing on Elixir's Patio

On the eve of his Vanguard debut, in downtown Orlando, I got to talk with not only one of the most up incoming artists of our city, but also a very good friend. We have been through some absolutely amazing times together and watching his growth as a producer and artist has been something else. Directly on the heels of working with him and his manager at his first major festival performance at Sunset Music Festival, it’s an honor to be able to interview my friend Mark, aka PRIME.

Who are some of your influences?

“My biggest influence are my Friends & Family who have shown endless love and support, and in every way continue to show me that we are all becoming our greatest selves together. 

-Asap Rocky

-Chris Lake

-Chris Lorenzo


-AC Slater

-Taiki Nulight


All of these artists are a few of the biggest examples in the music industry who inspire me as a producer, as a performer, and as an individual growing endlessly by doing what we love. They’ve established communities of like minded individuals who all share a common love for something and give back to that same community by staying respective to their genres in which they’re related to, and also give that community brand new sounds which end up becoming a new niche/genre of music altogether.”

What would you say is your BEST experience at a show?

“The best experience I’ve had at a show was when I went down to Miami for the Desert Hearts takeover at Space with Steven and Gina.  Space is a memorable place!  And being on stage with the whole Desert Hearts crew getting down all night and into the next morning is always a blast, but the most memorable part for me was seeing the artists who performed, step down from the stage and hang out in the crowd, hugging their fans and talking about life. There was so much love in the building felt and seen so clearly, and any time I think about that I start to relate to every club night or festival I’ve ever attended and realize that that’s what it is every single time. A gathering of family, there to receive love, to give love, and to spend time together.”

Best memory of a performance?

“My best memory of a performance is when I was booked for the Wax Motif show at Celine. I was so stoked to get my first direct support slot. I’d been playing Wax’s music in my sets for years, so it was pretty cool to be playing a show with him. The best thing about that set for me was being able to go FULL Mark. I understand and appreciate the art of building up the energy from early slots onwards into the night, but on this night I could really show myself and everyone in attendance what I can do when there’s that much energy in the building. The most memorable part was when Steven (Dead Space) hopped in the booth and we started to rinse out all of our unreleased music, getting down with the whole club....smoke in the air, lasers blasting and confetti falling from the ceiling. It’s a night that I’ll never forget.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Well that’s certainly a loaded question! I’m very grateful to be where I’m at right now. Blessings on blessings have carried me to this point, and as well as I am in receiving those, I make sure to return that love every chance I get. 

So with that being said, five years from now I see myself doing the exact same thing and receiving the exact same things I do now. Only difference would be having five more years of all that in my experience, and that’s only if I make it to tomorrow.  Life is short, and the things I’ve been called to act on are coming together from every angle, every day. 

Of course I see myself doing shows, spending time in the studio, and releasing music...but I also see these same things in a light of studio time, label releases and time spent at shows with a community of individuals who have been and still are coming together right now, generating opportunities for each other that will help to spread the same love which we receive.

Throughout all of this, I’ve said without saying a lot of what’s in store, and am glad to be here. 

Thank you.”

Seeing this young man grow and throw banger after banger, is truly something awesome to watch. He is fully involved with artists around this city, has a dedicated management team that is constantly making sure people know who this man is, and has this effervescent joy always radiating from him. The future is bright for PRIME and you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be seeing his name and face a hell of a lot more. If you happen to catch this before hand, and are in the major Orlando area, you can see him at The Vangaurd, in Orlando, FL, opening for Loud Luxury, Friday August 27th! Cheers to the man, pots and pans, Mark, aka PRIME, and as he would say, “I’ll see you in the jungle!”

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