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Artist Spotlight: Yellow Claw

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Dutch Duo Yellow Claw- Photo from Insomniac

For years, when you think of the trap gurus and trap gods, Yellow Claw has been crowned one of the titans. Their booty shaking and bouncing beats along with their blasting bass in our MF face, never cease to light us up. This is one of the main reasons many made a transition from hip hop to EDM. It’s a perfect blend between two genres and the Dutch duo Yellow Claw nailed it to earn the ranks of master trap. Head bopping and the infamous bass face are common side effects of listening to their sets. They always provide a powerful presentation of root chakras being activated, a sort of primal inner desire to move our bodies in carefree carnal fashion.

The amount of their activity in the past three months is astounding. Yellow claw has been slinging techno tracks like “He Stays”, “Living In” and “Underground Euro Rave”. There is a reason for the sexy summer string of releases. The Dutch duo is launching their new alias -EURO TRA$H.

They aim to reinvigorate the underground ‘90s rave sound that will turn up and turn on their fans across their tour.

“Trust You”- being their first release in collaboration with Psycho Boys Club featuring the German artist Bonnie Strange. Her vocals captivate and entrance you to surrender to the chaotic groove of the dirty techno beats. This sets the tone for the rest of the releases of EURO TRA$H, to which Yellow Claw promises to turn every show in to a ‘Ghetto Party’.

“Alone Tonight” switches gears with a grinding dancehall theme, one that will surely activate your hips. All the releases are dazzlingly dirty I must say.

The tasteful techno was not how they started their summer, the release of ‘DRXGS’ delivers a more melodic and amorous vibe.

“I need your love, I need your love, cause when you kiss me it feels like it is DRXGS”

We’ve all felt that way about someone before so it really hits home in the heart. It will be very interesting to see how they deliver their set that will certainly take you through a journey of emotions: happy, hopeful, and hips full of temptation.

Their multi genre talent is one to be marveled at, if its their jersey club boppy beats, techno, melodic or trap style- you surely will be very pleased.

The best news of all, Yellow Claw will be at Vanguard Orlando July 30th. YEAHHHHH!!

Click the Image Below for Tickets

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