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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Victor Calderone Entrancing The Crowd

Brooklyn born and raised techno dj and producer, Victor Calderone, performed a striking two hour set at Celine Orlando this past Friday July 16th. The techno titan is no stranger to the Orlando dance floors, making his return after his unforgettable show in October of 2020. This time around, Victor delighted the stage of Celine Orlando, a venue where music is always the center of attention and is beautifully enhanced with brilliant touches including lasers, beams, strobe lights, visuals, and a leafy environment. When paired with Calderone’s unforgettable set, a truly spectacular night filled with deep melodies, resonating bass, and dark rhythms was created.

The night began at 10:00 pm when doors opened to the sounds of Local Techno DJ Matthias (@djmatthias_on Instagram), kick-starting the show with a bang. Starting off with melodic and groovy sounds, the melody soon built up to higher bpm’s of techno, welcoming the next opener and performer. After a couple minutes of a smashing b2b, Miami DJ and Producer, Tony Shades (@tonyshadess on Instagram) continued the night with a steady and exciting techno tempo that had the crowd grooving, shuffling and dancing non-stop. By the time the main man, Victor Calderone, stepped on the stage at 12:30, the crowd was magnetic and everybody was ready for the show.

Calderone started his set with tech-house-y tunes building up steadily to deeper bass and faster bpm. Soon, all those sounds merged into a much darker techno, bringing the energy of the room to an all time high. Every time Calderone drops a beat, the collective voices of excitement going hard to the classic New-York style he is globally known for, resonated throughout Celine. The night was at its peak so much, that it was almost impossible to believe it soon was coming to an end. Towards 2:15-2:30 am, the lights were turned on and the show was over. However in the midst of the disappointment we are all so familiar with whenever a goodtime comes to an end, the crowd remained energetic. This vibe was so contagious, that it just made you think. “This is the power of music, the power of techno.”

Thank you, Victor, for a spectacular night! Now who’s ready for round two with Victor Calderone already?

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