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Celine Clubgoer Uses Secret Password, Instantly Becomes VIP

Amazingly Orlando has been discovered, put on the map in the music scene. With that comes a large crowd, the dreaded inaccessibility to clubs. One man, a true Florida man pulled off the heist of a lifetime. To put the mega bounties to rest, one man in the midst of a major EDM show at Celine, managed to bypass the line.

How did he do this?

A clever and inventive way of social engineering……

He Exclaimed "I know the owner.”

At first the ploy was ineffective, but the Florida man pulled the ultimate card, the name drop.

“ GIO SAID I’M GOOOD!” - with a slurred delivery he followed up with

“He said it was cool if I come in and get a bottle”

Immediately the doors opened wide, apologies rained upon the man, he was instantly granted access. The wind carried this secret code to the rest of the line and free admission was blessed upon everyone. Celine gladly lost money that night because of this colossal life hack.

Remember, if you ever want to get in to a venue for free, name drop you will be granted access.

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