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Eclectic Dance Music: 4 Genre Fusions that make EDM All-Encompassing

Marshmellow with country star, Kane Brown

The early days of Electronic Music was a much simpler time. With such a limited range of sounds and options, there was only so many sound electronic music could have. To its founders, the complexity of modern electronic music must feel like a dream come true. On top of that, intertwining electronic music with other genres must seem even more surreal. Today, modern electronic producers are not nearly as limited as the founders of the genre. Artists can merge electronic music with all sorts of musical styles. This has allowed electronic music to evolve into the all encompassing, eclectic genre it is today. Here are four of those genres that have been beautifully integrated with electronic music.


Sullivan King Shredding the Guitar on Stage

Since its creation, bass music has slowly included elements of metal. Starting with songs like Skrillex’s “Bangarang”, using subtle amount of heavy guitar, more and more metal has crept its way into this popular sub-genre. Now, some famous artist specialize in this Electronic metal fusion. Brostep producer, Kayzo, is well known for his remix of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”as well very aggressive tracks like “Battle Drums” and “Before the Storm”. Sullivan King is famous for his live guitar solos and even made tracks dedicated to them. His track “Hammer” with Dirtyphonics is a three and half minute guitar solo mixed with his signature dubstep beats. Metal and Bass music go together like peanut butter jelly, and this hybrid is here to stay for a long time.


GRiZ performing his famous live saxophone solos.

The idea of using modern electronic sounds as another instrument in a band is not necessarily a new one. However, with the integration of electronic elements with Funk, more formally known as Future Funk< that idea has been revolutionized. It turns out that dirty bass drops and trippy mid-tempo wubz mix well with clean saxophone solos and smooth baselines. GRiZ, for example, incorporates saxophone and trumpets with dubstep in songs “Before I go” and “PSGFY” making a beautifully funky fusion of genres. Big Gigantic does the same with songs “Like That” and “Good Times Roll”. If that is not exciting enough, most of theses Electronic funk producers travel with a full band, so the funky instrumentals can be heard live. Mixing Funk and EDM could possibly be one of the most exciting fusions yet and we are so here for what's to come.


Apashe performing “Renaissance” with violinist for League of Legends livetream

It might be surprising to learn that many electronic artists were classically trained. Artists like Kygo and Borgore are beautiful pianists and trance group Above and Beyond even have a full classical music tour. However, few have ventured to combine those classical, orchestral elements with Electronic music. The ones that have, however, create incredible music. Apashe, for example, used a 69 piece orchestra and choir to make the instrumentals for his album “Renaissance”. With these instrumentals, Apashe was able to produce a serious intensity in such tracks like “Lord and Master” and “Work”. He is also famous for remixing Mozart’s “Lacrimosa (Requiem)” in his song of the same name. Nora en Pure has also made her name by adding violin and piano to house music in songs “Tears in Your Eyes” and “Come with Me”. This fusion of genres makes incredibly beautiful and melodic tracks that can either soothe or break the soul.


Avicii at Ultra 2013 where he debuted “Wake Me Up” with a live banjo player.

Without a doubt, die hard country fans and die hard EDM fans are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Country music attracts a simpler people, in predominately rural areas, that preach modesty and enjoying their peace. EDM attracts high energy people, in predominately urban areas, whose shows are an overwhelming experience for all five senses. For the most part the genres are very split. However, there is a small group of people, myself included, that enjoy both country and electronic music. A handful of Electronic Artists are also part of this small group. Avicii is well known for his blend of bluegrass and electronic music in “Hey Brother”. As well as featuring Zac Brown in “Broken Arrows”. Other artists have also featured famous country singers including Marhmellow featuring Kane Brown in “One thing Right”, Kygo featuring Zac Brown in “Someday”, and Audien featuring Lady Antebellum in “Something Better”. Then there’s Gryffin, whose collaboration with Chris Lane in “Hold You Tonight” is, in my opinion is the closest to a perfect hybrid as anyone has gotten. As of now, there are no artists dedicated to fusing electronic and country music, but its an untapped fusion that could revolutionize both genres.

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