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Event Spotlight: Taco'ver Tuesday

Taco’ver. What a not so hidden treasure. How can your life get better? Many ask this question without any resolution. Well… the answer has been found. If you live in Orlando and want to find happiness in life, Injoy provides this every Tuesday. The meaning of life is to connect, express, dance, delight in our inner art and carry out love to one another.

We tip our hats off to Elixir for hosting their wonderful venue. Elixir boasts it’s incredible ambiance, gorgeous staff, too good to pass up deals and high quality kitchen. They also have a track record of throwing world class artists on a regular basis, so always keep an eye out for what comes next for them!

Their LED panel is mesmerizing on the neon patio. On Tuesdays you will find an eclectic and ever changing showcase of Orlando’s best creatives. The dazzling art displays range from clothing design, painting, jewelry, virtual reality and more! The local DJs throw down artwork as well, but their canvas is your ear drums and heart beat. They paint soundscape masterpieces with their decks that ultimately get you to trace the dance floor with your fancy footwork. Dance it up with us, grab some tacos and tasty tequila and celebrate life as it should be! Connect with the community and support your local artists, they will satisfy your entertainment cravings. Taco’ver Tuesdays at Elixir, cheers.

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