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Giolì & Assia: The Italian Sister Queens of House Music

By: PJ Fronsdahl

Itallian Sisters Golia and Assai - Photo from North American Tour

The enchanting Italian DJ twin flames Giolì & Assia have released their sumptuous new single ‘Bebe’ – available now on several platforms. You might know this pair from their heavenly music videos, shot in the most jaw dropping locations- one even being on the top of an active volcano. However the only thing erupting is their track ‘Bebé’ during their recent shows, emitting sonic shockwaves that let you know Summer isn’t over just yet. Giolì & Assia have an incredibly versatile style, often using steel hand pans, angelic vocals, and silk like transitions. It’s no surprise that they deliver on this song, incorporating Spanish vocals with a Mediterranean heritage/Italian-Popish house beat. It feels exotic but rooted in history at the same time. Amazing. “Stupefacente!” - (Amazing in Italian)

The layers of instruments, beat pattern, and soothing singing really makes this soundtrack a home run for scenic drives or paired with a fresh shot of espresso in the morning.

Giolì & Assia have continued to bless their fans with sensational #DiesisLive sets over the past few months, giving us a sweet visual and auditory escape from the messiness of the current state of the world. It feels as if you can surf through and etherial soundscape amongst the clouds. They represent their glorious country tremendously.

Now that we can rejoice the return of live shows with a number of packed events across Europe, these ladies recently announced a 17-date North American tour this winter to rave response. With several of the dates across the United States already sold out, Giolì & Assia’s long-awaited return to the world stage will be met with open arms and hearts.

!Grazie al cielo!

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