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Streaming From Paradise: The Magical Views of Cercle's Electronic Music Shows

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By Manuela Jaramillo

Ben Böhmer for Cercle – Cappadocia, Turkey: Image retrieved from

Can you think of a better combination than a magical landscape and your favorite music? As dreamy as it sounds, it is actually a reality. While we all love a good-old club, disco, or warehouse to dance the night away, none of those compare to the most remote and the most incredible views and landmarks in the world. There are only a couple platforms globally who just recently came up with one of the cleverest online streaming ideas for electronic music sets. Focusing on house, progressive house, tech-house and techno, Cercle brings the dream to reality. The Maldives, French Alpes, the Eiffel Tower, Cappadocia and many more incredible places are just a short list of some of the mind-blowing spots where Cercle has hosted crowd-filled parties before Covid, and now, incredible live-streaming sets.

This project was born in 2015 when Parisian Derek Barbolla, the author of Cercle’s magic, initiated streams from his Paris apartment. Unfortunately, I was not long until he began to receive complaints from neighbors. These objections led Barbolla to get creative and find locations throughout Paris. After a while he eventually got the dream booking, a performance at the Eiffel Tower. Barbolla states it all went up from there and Cercle has not stopped since then. Cercle’s platforms have seen the magic sets of world-renowned artists like Carl Cox, Amelie Lens, Innellea, The Blaze, Disclosure, Adriatique, Black Coffee, Mathame, and Charlotte de Witte to name a few.

The goal of pairing the best producers with the most incredible locations is not only for the viewer’s pleasure, but also to highlight the cultural history that characterizes the location, says Pol Souchier, Cercle’s head of communication.

Nina Kraviz Under the Eiffel Tower- Photo retrieved from Cercle’s Twitter @CercleMusic

It is no secret that we all love the unbelievable final result Cercle delivers with each one of their shows and streams. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make them possible.

Most of the locations that characterize Cercle for their uniqueness, are exotic and remote places where nothing of the likes of a highly produced electronic music set-up has ever occurred. It is for these reasons, that a handful of permits for shooting and hosting in the area are required months in advance. Depending on the type of event, if it includes a crowd or not, measures like security, logistics, organization which can take planning that can last for months or even years. Not only are these the two things Cercle is challenged with, but they also must make sure the internet access is elite. This is so they can deliver the perfect stream. The delivery of such efforts in a flawless way, have allowed Cercle to expand from their national roots in France, to international reach all over the globe. Switzerland, Japan, India, Bolivia, Bali, and even the Hudson River have been some of the stellar locations where Cercle has left their mark. Each one unique, each one special, and certainly, each one magical.

FKJ in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - Photo retrieved from Cercle’s Youtube: Cercle Music

A lot can be said about how special live music is, but it is thanks to the creative efforts of amazing humans like the Cercle team that the magic is taken to the next level. Now let’s think. Is there anywhere in Florida you think we can host a magical event with incredible views? My wild card is the Devil’s Den in Williston, Florida. What’s yours?

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