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Club Safety: A Push for What Ravers Deserve

Boris Brejcha @ Celine: Photo by Benjamin Mayo

For many, going to the club to dance to your favorite artist who you’ve been looking forward to seeing for months is more than just a party. The dance floor is a place to express ourselves, to let go of our outside stressors, and, most importantly, to be free. For years, clubbing has been a way to connect with ourselves and others around us over one thing: the passion for music. So how do we create a space free of violence, harassment and abuse for all of us to feel safe and worry-free at what possibly is our happiest place?

Ranging from discrimination against minorities and violence, to sexual harassment, clubs can encounter several challenges when it comes to keeping artists, staff, and attendees as safe as possible. While social misconduct is a factor that is nearly impossible to control, there are ways in which club owners and promoters can put together efforts to create a much more cautious space.

The club is no stranger to individuals who attend with malicious intentions. Sexual and discriminatory harassment is one of the main issues experienced by all gender crowds who attend nightclubs. Another common issue are physical and violent confrontations which result in disturbing environments for other club goers. All of the previous issues are big challenges faced by the industry. Despite the fact that these cannot be fully stopped, it is important to be aware that there are steps that can be taken to diminish their presence and make the club going experience a much more secure and enjoyable practice for both curators/promoters and attendees who are all looking to have a memorable night.

It is highly important that the entire team organizing and running the event, including all staff, are on the same page when it comes to following safety protocols to protect everyone involved. Not only organizers but also club attendees can and should be made aware of ways to create a safe space between the community. This is done best by protecting each other and keeping an eye out for malicious individuals who could disturb the event.

There are many ways to ensure safety while enjoying a show. Protocols such as enforced security at the entrance and inside the club, attentiveness to potential harassers or malicious individuals, and safe codes and words to protect potential victims or affected individuals when needed all help create a safe environment for ravers. Additionally, identifying overly intoxicated customers, along with an attentiveness during drink exchanges between staff and customers, and implementation of security cameras are all initiatives that can promote a much safer space. Implementing all of these safety protocols help create an exciting event where individuals can feel protected and cared for.

Post By Rebekah Explaining her #ForTHeMusic Movment

A great example of efforts made to spread community awareness about the challenges faced in the electronic music clubbing industry is an initiative called #ForTheMusic. Created and launched in 2020 by DJ and producer Rebekah, the goal of the campaign is to highlight the huge sexual harassment problem experienced in the music industry. This initiative has pushed to create awareness and promote efforts to protect all individuals affected by this issue, especially women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Ending a culture of silence and holding everyone accountable for lack of effort to stop this issue is DJ Rebekah’s goal. Additionally, the end goal is for everyone in the industry to ensure artists, employees and audiences are protected against sexual harassment. DJ Rebekah’s initiative is a great push that many individuals continue to carry to ensure that the best efforts are in place to guarantee everyone’s safety and promote an enjoyable space for all involved.

Coming together as a community from each and every single front is crucial to make the events we all love so much more possible. From local nights at your favorite bar, to world renowned clubs and festivals, everybody deserves to feel safe, protected, and cared for so we can all be our happiest and freest selves.

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