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TOKiMONSTA to Mix Genre Bending Cocktails at The Vanguard

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

By Dexter Ray Ellis Jr.

This Saturday, September 25th, the Grammy nominated, genre bending goddess, TOKiMONSTA, will grace our collective city and scene as she steps onto the stage of the Vanguard. Know for her captivating melodic electronic music, using hip hop elements as vibey and smooth as herself, TOKiMONSTA's return is a musical blessing for the city of Orlando. Few artists can say that they have had to relearn not only the craft they love, but also music in general, all over again. After dealing with not one, but two brain surgeries, the beautiful and talented Tokimonsta didn’t let the initial hurdles stop her. She was not only able to get back to doing what she loved, but prospered further in an amazing turn of events. Her accolades are only surpassed by her talent. With classical training in piano, her music and hard work was noticed by one of the scene's greatest, Flying Lotus, and became the very first to sign to his label. Her timeline is riddled with collaborations with the likes A-List colleagues including but not limited to, Zhu, Gavin Turek, Anderson. Paak, and most recently the chill vibe king, Channel Tres. She comes to Orlando on the heels of releasing her new single with the aforementioned Channel Tres, titled, “Naked”, a track that reminds us that electronic based hip hop is not going anywhere.

Dj Flashdrive (Left) with Injoy Exec, Justin Zeger

Along for the ride and giving direct support for renowned TOKiMONSTA is someone I can’t help but ask, "Who The F*** Is DJ FlashDrive?" From the speedways of Daytona, FL, comes one of Orlando’s most eclectic and musically inclined artists. Mostly surrounded in lore, I was able to talk with Flashdrive about his upcoming direct support to the lovely Tokimonsta

Hit random on your Spotify, or music sharing platform of your choice, and give me the first 3 songs you get. Do you agree that they properly represent your taste in music?

So the first three songs that came up were Philco–“Someone to Love”, Black Sabbath–“War Pigs/ Luke’s Wall”, and Underoath–“In Regards to Myself”. I definitely agree that these three would describe my music taste. Most of my life I grew up listening to Rock’n Roll and Punk. I think that true house music is one of the most punk genres out there."

Name your biggest Influence(s) to date

Biggest influence is hard to pinpoint. I find so much influence in the music and artists I listen to because everyone has something they offer artistically. However as a personal influence, I would say the biggest would be my mentor, Costantino Padovano, aka Funky Junction. From the stories of his success, and how he got there, to the massive library of music that he has that continues to blow me away, that man is definitely my biggest life influence.(Involving the music industry of course)”

What are some upcoming projects you have being released?

Upcoming music I’m releasing: I have a 30 minute experimental release I’m working on with a label in Chicago, a techno release with the boys at Groove estate records soon as well, and of course plenty of other tracks that are on the final stages of production.

Safe to say that although Flashdrive is the type to put sweet and low in his bud light, he will be a face and name that you guys will see much more often, as he has already opened for the likes of the legend Todd Terry. Alongside this tall boy is the ever so amazing and gorgeous Miraxy! I have had the pleasure of being friends with this girl, watching her go from learning the ropes, to having multiple openings, multiple shows, and even now curating her own nights in Downtown Orlando. From jungle, to U.K, to house, to DnB, this girl knows no limits. It’s nothing short of inspirational to watch her constantly put in work and share the spotlight with the ones that deserve it. Showing that there is in fact a way to move in this scene without taking advantage of anyone or anything. Saturday night she will remind everyone of the absolute talent she has and the fun, energetic vibe she brings every single time she is behind the decks.

Artist Miraxy on the Iconic Patio of Elixir

All in all, the city of Orlando has truly stepped up the artists that they provide us hungry music heads, while also providing a huge platform for those gems we proudly have within our city. Make sure to come check out the entire lineup! Saturday, September 25th at the one and only, Vanguard! Also, be sure to ask Who the F*** is DJ Flashdrive at the door for absolutely zero discounts.

Click the Flyer Below to Grab Your Ticket

The Vanguard

9:30 PM - 2:30 AM

578 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Table Inquires:

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