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Waterpark Festival: How to End your Summer with a Cannonball

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

By: Camilla Castro

(Courtesy of Island H2O)

As we approach the end of summer, what better excuse to grab a swimsuit, pack your sunscreen, water bottle, and hit up a water park! What’s Even more enticing than just a plain water park? A water park with soul-feeding music that will help you soak in the tail end of summer. E11even Beach Club brings you that perfect collision of the two worlds. They are hosting the Water Park Festival filled with some of your favorite headliners, including The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Swae Lee. In addition, they are bringing a special guest: you know em’, you love em’, the oh so entertaining Nelk Boys. This two-day event will take place August 20–21; the party will be waiting for you both days from 4 pm—2 am. So get ready for the pool party of the year!

Diplo has been touring all over the US this summer, and it is finally time for him to make a stop in Orlando … again. In April, he was supposed to play at Abduction Orlando (Lot 54 at the Vanguard); however, the weather did not come to play, leaving the event canceled due to weather safety issues. Attending UCF back in 1997, he is no stranger to the area, so it shouldn’t have surprised him, or anyone for that fact, that, that the April showers came with all their Florida power. So, if you were looking forward to his act, having seen him at least half a dozen times, I HIGHLY recommend it! You will definitely be feeling the FOMO if you miss out on this one. 

Diplo's Pool set @ Encore Beach Club- (Courtesy of Electronic Vegas)

Diplo’s latest single, “Don’t Be Afraid,” was released last month and it did NOT disappoint. Collaborating with long-time legend Damian Lazarus, this tech-house track features hypnotic vocals from the “Jungle.” Listening to the song, you can feel the electric band vibes dancing perfectly with the staple Lazarus tribal house influence and put together with the Diplo spin in perfect harmony. It also has a super cool music video too, definitely check it out if you haven’t. 

If you are unfamiliar with the NELK boys, you are in for a real treat! These are YouTube vloggers that are here to entertain. Their prank videos are hilarious, sometimes even getting them into legal trouble. Once you start watching the videos, you’ll end up in a NELK hole, looking for the next prank video. One of their members, Stephen Deleonardis, aka @SteveWillDoIt, is a Florida native. He is famous for his incredibly giving nature, helping people within the community obtain resources to lead better lives. But, how did he get to help so many others? Well two things: his absurd ability to slam bottles of alcohol, as well an impressive gambling talent. Let’s just say, this crowd knows how to party. The boys have recently launched a new spiked seltzer brand, Happy Dad; it does away with the skinny seltzer cans everyone is used to and features a regular sized beer can. Hopefully, these products will be available for purchase at the event!  

Nelk Boys: Jesse Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis (@stevewilldoit)

Overall, with E11even Beach Club bringing all of this inside the gates of a water park, will be the perfect way to close out the Summer. Tickets are on sale now and I would not recommend passing up this one of a kind opportunity.

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